Sunrise…Sunset and Happy New Year!

It seems, I am narrowing down to shooting against the sun…. and to neglect the other branches of our trade.

Anyway, while doing this I realized that my Swiss army knife in terms of a travel lens  – the Sony FE 24-240mm – not the fanciest of the new FE lens array –  is a very decent piece of glass already wide open. Stopped down one click the results are pretty convincing even at the far end of the zoom range. I also noticed that when using a camera with a high end sensor, HDR –  with all its hassle –  is getting less and less attractive. If you know how to expose against the sun the dynamic range of modern full frame sensors opens up a wide array of post production choices without sacrifycing quality. Sunrise  – the 1st large picture – was shot with the Sony 7r. Sunset was shot with the Sony 7r II using 3 exposures merged to HDR in post.

Happy New Year to everyone! May the sun shine down on a world that doesn’t get any worse…Gutes Licht….. Good Light to all my fellow photographers out there!


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